Small Basic Reference Updated in TechNet Wiki

I updated an TechNet Wiki article which contains Small Basic Dictionary object reference. To update this article, I wrote a program SHQ268.  This program parses SmallBasicLibrary.xml (help file) and outputs HTML format for TechNet Wiki.  A line target = “GraphicWindow” in this program sets the object to output. You can also check the output lines of…


Face Animation with Small Basic

Screen shot of a program Faces 0.1
Screen shot of a program Faces 0.1

I wrote a program to draw faces with animation.  The program ID is TDL115. Let’s modify this program and draw our original faces!


How to find author from Flickr URL with Small Basic

I sometimes upload my program screen shots with Flickr pictures.  At that time, I always check the copyright of each picture. For that purpose I wrote a sample program to get original URL from return value of Flickr object. There are two ways to get original URL.  The first way using short URL is described…