Small Basic 1.3 Quick Review

Small Basic 1.3 was released on August 7.  The app version is very easy to install from Microsoft Store. The Windows version is coming.

Small Basic 1.3 now has the Small Basic Quick Guide in the help pane.  The icon displayed in task bar has been changed.  Sample code to print "Hello World!" appears when opening Small Basic.  There are three new translated languages: Bulgarian, Estonian, and Norwegian. Four key bugs are now fixed. And syntax error messages have become more understandable for kids.

I created a thread to talk about new features of Small Basic 1.3.

And I tried:

  • Graduate: works well.  See more details here.
  • Kinect: couldn't be found.
  • Extensions: couldn't be copied to the Lib folder. This is a limitation of apps. The Windows version is coming.
  • Japanese version: works well with Windows 10 Japanese version.  But new features are still in English.

Enjoy Small Basic 1.3!

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