Small Basic – Textbox UX (Part 2)

Question: How to show entered words in textbox on any other coordinate "after pressing enter key" was asked by msdn.yogesh last October in Small Basic forum.  And yesterday he asked again: how can i do this with "keyboard enter key".

This question reminds me an idea for using textbox.  The idea is using both a textbox and the key event.  The program sample is MDP504-3.  This program has only a textbox in the window.  Push [Enter] key after input a text.

Screen shot of a program TextBox Sample 0.4

Another variation is MDP504-4 - both [Enter] key and [OK] button are available.

Screen shot of a program TextBox Sample 0.5

Thank you msdn.yogesh for your question.

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  1. Happy 4th of July! Um, 3 days later. =^)

    This is fantastic. I also love the See Also bit.

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