Small Basic – Pictionary Project

I started new project especially for non-native kids to understand Small Basic keywords with pictures.


  • Small Basic is a programming language for kids.
  • Little difficult to understand English keywords especially for non-native kids.
  • This project suggests to draw pictures about keywords in Small Basic.

Sample Pictures

Screen shot of a program Bell

Screen shot of a program Graphics

Screen shot of a program Pen


Comments (6)
  1. Small besic for kids with pictures in different categories with sound of the words and voice of the shape if it is animal or instrument.

  2. Hello hassan, yes at least kids should know how to pronounce the words.

  3. I also wrote a launcher and zipped executable here.

  4. Tryhest says:

    nice done nonki))
    combined 3 words with some effects in ZHT004

    1. Tryhest, nice animation. Thanks.

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