Big News! Small Basic available on Windows App Store!


Bring out the trumpets! Roll out the red carpet!

We've got big news for you today, because Small Basic 1.2 is now available on the Windows App Store!  That's right, you can go download it directly from the store, by searching for "Small Basic" or directly from this link.  You can also rate and review Small Basic on the store, and we'd love to see your feedback.

FYI, if you are going to install the Windows App Store version, you must uninstall the previously installed version first.

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  1. OzJerry says:

    Sounds like an excellent step in Small Basic’s evolution and should make it more discoverable and its simpler install/uninstall. Microsoft should highlight it on the Store’s home page.
    One question for clarification before I swap to this version: how do extensions work with this version? Typically we would copy an extension into the Lib directory, but Store apps have their directory structure hidden away, so how would we know where to put the extension files, similarly how would the one-click uninstall process work with clearing out extensions?

    1. Thanks OzJerry, we’re digging into this scenario more.

      1. mark says:

        i would like to know as well.

        1. Tryhest says:

          tried to gain access to sb store folder, but cannot copy ld files into it(( just viewing allowed

          1. Tryhest says:

            found a workaround to work with ld xtension and sb store app!
            – install sb store app
            – create programfiles/microsoft/small basic dir
            – create lib subfolder and install ld xtension files there
            – copy from store app dir the following files: sb,exe and dlls: componentmodel, languageservice, sblibrary, stringresources, toolframewrk, and also sb.exe.config and sblibrary.xml to programfiles/microsoft/small basic
            run sb.exe from programfiles/microsoft/small basic dir and voila! sb starts with ld xtension!
            if u run sb from start menu, it doesn’t have ld xtension

          2. Great insights. Thanks, Tryhest This helps.

  2. if you are going to install the Windows App Store version, you must uninstall the previously installed version first.

    would be nice to also grab QBasic from and other museum programming environments and upload to Windows Store via desktop bridge

    1. George, thanks. We’re looking into this.

  3. Hans van der Waal says:

    I am an old guy 73 -done a lot in all kinds of versions of Basic and and developed in combination with Access lots of programs for use in the harbour – also done a lot in Foxpro and learned lately to program in Ruby. I love Small Basic the only thing I am missing is that you can put a method in a separate file as you do for instance with Ruby “require relative” or outside the directory with “require”. Programs tend to be too long and then get messy and difficult to read. Not only programs from others but also your own program. I know there are solutions :
    But I think also from an educational standpoint that kids should learn from the start to develop readable code by using methods and functions which are not put in a long unreadable heap.
    And a question where can I see which version of Small Basic I am using?

    1. The version number is displayed at the bottom of the application. 1.2 is the current version.

      Looking into it for differentiating between an app store install versus desktop install. Ideally it wouldn’t matter, but it could matter, depending on the other topic of extensions.

      Compiling one file was by design. Part of the concept of being small and basic, and then graduating users to Visual Studio Code/Community to continue learning. It’s a good request though. Thanks!

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