Small Basic Game Programming – Bowling Game

I wrote a bowling game program for Challenge of the Month - March 2017.  So, today, I'd like to introduce how to write a bowling game in Small Basic.

Create Images

At first, I made two images - pin and ball.  I drew them with PowerPoint shapes, grouped them and saved as picture files.

Screen shot of bowling pin and ball image in PowerPoint

Draw Rough Game Scene

Secondly, I wrote a simple program to draw bowling graphics.  The first program is GRT732.  Pins are drawn with Shapes object, and others are drawn with GraphicsWindow object.

Screen shot of a program Bowling Graphics

Write Animation Code

Then I wrote animation code for a ball and pins.  The final animation program is GRT732-2.  For pins animation, I changed to use Shapes object of the wall.  Hit arrow keys to throw the ball.

Screen shot of a program Bowling Game 0.4a

Merge Code to Score

The other hand, once I've written a program VCR160 to calculate bowling score for Challenge of the Month - December 2014.  So, I merge the code of scoring to the current bowling game.  The program ID is GRT732-3.

Screen shot of a program BOWLING SCORE BOARD (pilot)

Screen shot of a program Bowling Game 0.5b

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Comments (1)

  1. Nice! I like how you built two programs and then merged them!

    I was a little surprised by the spiraling bowling ball, but it’s a fun game!

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