Tinkering Arduino and Small Basic

Last October, I wrote about Arduino Sample Programs in this blog.  After that I posted a thread to summarize Arduino programs in Small Basic forum.

Today I will introduce some images of programs in the thread.

LED Simulator NHC457 by Tryhest

LED Signal Circuit Graphics GZN399-2 by Nonki

LED Simulator (Retouched Ver.) NCH457-0 by YLed

VGA Controller LBQ108 by Tryhest

Number Display on LED Board LGQ874 by Tryhest

Number Scroller QLF691 by Tryhest

Joystic Drawer Simulator QHM145 by Tryhest

Thank you Tryhest and YLed for sharing your programs.

Please share your new Arduino programs written in Small Basic in the forum thread.

Additional Examples from Nonki:

IR Turtle controller HLT038 by Nonki Takahashi
Screen shot of a program Turtle Controller

Thermometer KKK886 by Nonki Takahashi
Screen shot of a program Thermometer

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Comments (2)
  1. This is a fantastic collection of Arduino programs!

  2. Tryhest says:

    i found this interesting robot: http://www.banggood.com/Plotclock-Manipulator-Drawing-Robot-Robotic-Clock-with-Arduino-Controller-p-1070892.html?rmmds=cart
    how to simulate its motion in sb? perhaps by ldphysic, nonki please help!

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