Big News! Small Basic available on Windows App Store!

Bring out the trumpets! Roll out the red carpet! We’ve got big news for you today, because Small Basic 1.2 is now available on the Windows App Store!  That’s right, you can go download it directly from the store, by searching for “Small Basic” or directly from this link.  You can also rate and review Small…


Small Basic – Quilt Show Case

Screen shot of a program Quilt Pattern 2 (FSM153)
Screen shot of a program Quilt Pattern 2 (FSM153)

Quilt program is one of community challenges this month. Let’s go through the posted quilt programs. CMR707 by Evelyn Rothman JLP150 by Nonki CSQ869 by NaochanON CSQ869-1 by Tryhest FSM153 by NaochanON FSD172 by NaochanON Thank you Evelyn for your community challenge.  And thanks guys for sharing your solutions.  


Microsoft partners with IGNITE Worldwide to teach 54 High School girls how to code with Microsoft Small Basic

How’s that for a blog title? Microsoft Small Basic is partnering with IGNITE Worldwide to run workshops that teach girls to code! In 6 workshops (from February to May), we’ll teach 414 girls to code! Coupled together with Microsoft DigiGirlz and local Girls Who Code efforts, in the next four years, we expect to see…

Small Basic Game Programming – Bowling Game

I wrote a bowling game program for Challenge of the Month – March 2017.  So, today, I’d like to introduce how to write a bowling game in Small Basic. Create Images At first, I made two images – pin and ball.  I drew them with PowerPoint shapes, grouped them and saved as picture files. Draw Rough Game…


Small Basic – Train

Today, I’d like to introduce Small Basic programs that show trains. Bit Train Games BPF583 by Tryhest click on left lever to select train path click on right lever to open/close path Choo Choo Anim TWD975 by Tryhest TGV Anim RBT198 by Tryhest Train Simulator CKS893 by Nonki Thank you Tryhest for sharing train programs.  I’ve inspired from them…


Tinkering Arduino and Small Basic

Last October, I wrote about Arduino Sample Programs in this blog.  After that I posted a thread to summarize Arduino programs in Small Basic forum. Today I will introduce some images of programs in the thread. LED Simulator NHC457 by Tryhest LED Signal Circuit Graphics GZN399-2 by Nonki LED Simulator (Retouched Ver.) NCH457-0 by YLed VGA Controller…


Guru! Where are you? Time for the March 2017 Microsoft Small Basic Guru awards!

Also, where is Scooby Doo? March 2017 Small Basic Guru, it’s time to share great skills as a TechNet Wiki article and WIN medal(s). Medals? Yes, you can share multiple articles in the same or different categories! Now, navigate to TechNet Guru Competition March 2017 to choose your categories and if it’s not listed add your content in Miscellaneous Category!…


Small Basic Challenges of the Month – March 2017

These challenges from LitDev  are intended for people who are learning to program for the first time or for those returning to programming who want to start using Small Basic.  Some will be easy, some will be hard – but they will all make you think, and more importantly be GREAT FUN! Post your solutions here!…