December 2016 Small Basic Guru Awards!!! Accessibility and Troubleshooting abound!

Here are the results for the TechNet Guru Awards, December 2016 !!!! This blog post highlights the Small Basic category.

To see all the awards, head here: December 2016 TechNet Guru Winners!


So, as it turns out, I took the medals:

 Small Basic Technical Guru – December 2016 
Gold Award Winner Ed Price – MSFT Small Basic Accessibility: Enlarging the text and Hiding IntelliSense & the Help Pane SYEDSHANU: “Nice post ED Price.Very useful tip for Small Basic users for Enlarging the text and Hiding IntelliSense.”
Michiel Van Hoorn: “Good explanation on accessibility settings for Smallbasic IDE. Coding should be possible for everybody!”
Silver Award Winner Ed Price – MSFT Small Basic Troubleshooting: Sound.Play doesn’t work on some versions of Windows 10 SYEDSHANU: “Very useful guide for Small Basic users to play sound on Windows 10.”
Michiel Van Hoorn: “For those using the more exotic N, K or KN versions of Windows 10 this will explain the issues with Sound playback and how to fix it.”


So I want to present the awards to me. And I greatly thank myself. Thanks, Me!

For those who are curious, we don't judge in categories when we submit articles in that categories. So we can't vote for ourselves. =^)


To join us in the Small Basic Guru contest, check out the February invitation here:


That's Small and Basically it!

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