Compose Your Own Music with Small Basic

Hi everyone. I wrote two programs to compose music (?). The first one shows the MML.  The program ID is SXM582. . The second one shows the keys with animation.  The program ID is LFD762. Let’s compose with Small Basic!


Slide Show with Small Basic

I made two programs that have slide show effects written in Small Basic. One is just slide. The program ID is NFR093. The other one is like shutter.  The program ID is RPZ071. Note that these programs can’t run with Silverlight because of using ImageList. Do you have another idea for slide show effects?


GUI Designer – Small Basic Featured Program

Today I’d like to introduce GUI Designer which is created by Roshan Kumar Priya who is a 7th grade student (age 11). This program allows you to create Small Basic GUI.  And the description by Roshan is: GUI in Small Basic is a Graphics editor used to draw basic objects like Ellipse, Rectangle, Controls etc….


9th Anniversary of Small Basic

Screen shot of a program Happy Birthday Small Basic!!
Screen shot of a program Happy Birthday Small Basic!!

Today is the special day for Microsoft Small Basic. Happy Birthday Small Basic!! This program ID is SFF730-1. See Also Happy Birthday Small Basic – The 8th Anniversary (2016) Small Basic 1.2 – Release Notes (2015) Happy Birthday Small Basic!! – The 6th Anniversary (2014) Getting Johnny to Code (response to “Why Can’t Johnny Code?”) (2013)…


Small Basic Challenges of the Month – October 2017

Big thanks to LitDev for continuing to host these monthly challenges! And to all the community for contributing and helping each other out! You can contribute to the challenges by posting your solutions and questions here:  These challenges are intended for people who are learning to program for the first time or for those…


Who will be announced the October 2017 Small Basic Guru?

What is TechNet Guru Competition? Each month the TechNet Wiki council organizes a contest of the best articles posted that month. This is your chance to be announced as MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY GURU OF THE MONTH! One winner in each category will be selected each month for glory and adoration by the MSDN/TechNet Ninjas and community as…

Contribute for New Programmers with TechNet Wiki Small Basic Articles

TechNet Wiki is an encyclopedia for Small Basic.  And is also resources for helping new programmers to learn programming.  Why don’t you contribute for new programmers to edit articles in TechNet Wiki? How to Contribute Write Your Own Article Small Basic is a programming language for beginners.  So, basic, easy, fundamental, simple articles about programming…


What is Small Basic – Featured Video

What is Small Basic? This introduction video comes from Zero One Resources. It is 8 minutes and 47 seconds long. This video is a short explanation of what Small Basic is and also contains a demonstration of some of its features. If you want to learn how to program, then this programming language by Microsoft…