Small Basic – Think about Textbox UX

Let's think about textbox UI (user interface) or UX (user experience).

Simple way to use textbox in Small Basic is using button to get text from the textbox.  The sample program ID is MDP504.

Screen shot of a program TextBox 0.1

By the way, pushing button is bothersome, isn't it?  The next version is using Controls.TextTyped event to get the text.  The program ID is MDP504-0.  The event will occur for every input character...   This sample just show a short text after getting a text.  But, actually, the process after getting a text may be long such like searching in files or the internet.

Screen shot of a program TextBox 0.2

The last version MDP504-1 is using Timer.Tick event to get the text.  I set Timer.Interval as 400 ms.  This program judges the input done if the input is not changed while the interval.  If the interval is very short, this program will work like the second version above.  If the interval is very long, the program reaction will be felt slowly.

Screen shot of a program TextBox 0.3

There may be other UI or UX for the textbox control.   If you find more sophisticated idea, please post it as a comment below.  Thanks.

Comments (2)

  1. Yvan Leduc says:

    Hi Nonki,
    following your suggestion, here is another version which allow to add numbers one in is own box., and a third box give the sum.
    program no: MDP504-2

    1. Yvan, thank you for your sample.

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