Small Basic – Kinect Sensing

Once I wrote about Kinect for Small Basic Extension and a sample code for KinectWindow object.

Today I'd like to introduce more samples for KinectBodyList and KinectFaceList objects.

Program ID JTH778 is a KinectBodyList sample program.

Screen shot of a program KinectBodyList Sample Code

Program ID LGR919-0 is a KinectFaceList sample program.

Screen shot of a program KinectFaceList Sample Code

More details are described here in TechNet Wiki.

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  1. YLed says:

    So many things we can do with SB , wow !

  2. 2 new Kinect samples! This is great!

  3. Check out this blog post from Michael, which acts as the release notes for the Small Basic Kinect objects:

  4. Peter says:

    Nice one that one

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