Featured Small Basic Wiki Article: Read and Write CSV Files

Here is a classic article from Florian that examines how to use CSV files in Small Basic.

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And here is an excerpt:


What is CSV?

Comma separated values (CSV) is a file format that is used to exchange data between programs. It uses commas to separate values and requires equally many values on each line.


For a game we want to save the best player’s score, its name and the date on which the score was achieved.
The format we choose therefore is: [player’s name], [score], [date]


This means that bob scored 12 points at 2013-01-02. We can easily store multiple scores by writing them one below another.


Observation:  CSV files can hold one to many records or lines with values.



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TechNet Wiki articles about Small Basic are gifts that keep giving, years later!

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Comments (2)

  1. Yvan Leduc says:

    Would i be able to take one of my favorite excel .xls file ( planet gravity ) and save it with .csv extension, and then
    open the files with Small Basic ? that would be and outstanding tool !!

    1. Yes. You might need to tweak and experiment with the file to get it right, though.
      Thanks, Yvan!

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