Small Basic – Dice Programs

In the past challenges of the months, I made three dice programs.  Today I will introduce these programs.

The first one was a development view of a die (MDB491) in April 2013.


The second one was a 2-D dice program (MDB491-0) in December 2014.

Screen shot of a program Dice 0.3

The last one is a 3-D version (KWD991-0) in September 2016.

Screen shot of a program 3-D Dice 0.2

What will be the next dice program?

Comments (4)

    1. Antonio, nice program. This is another type of dice program. Thanks.

  1. Yvan Leduc says:

    Hi Nonki ! fantastic the 3D dices version KWD991-0
    To answer to your question, i would go for a 10 faces dices for the next dice program !
    like this one:

    1. Yvan, yes there are a lot of types of dice. That’s a good idea. Thanks.

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