Flag of Brazil drawn with Small Basic

Rio Olympics have been started!

Today I'll show you a program to draw a flag of Brazil (NCF628).

Screen shot of a program Flag of Brazil 0.21

One of the challenges last month was rotating text.  This program has the function.   To draw rotating text, each character width in pixel is needed.  To get the widths, I used another program NJB522-0.

Enjoy Olympics!

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Comments (8)

  1. Thanks. I live in Brazil. Great work and excuse my bad english

  2. YLed says:

    Fantastic ! Rio Olympics Games

  3. Thank you Antonio and Yvan for your comments.

  4. In this flag, there are two of the twelve ecliptic constellations: (only Spica in) Virgo and Scorpio.

  5. This is cool! I’ll share with the Portuguese community.

  6. I wrote an another program to show constellations in the Flag of Brazil.
    The screen shot is uploaded in a thread of Small Basic forum.

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