Small Basic Guru Winners – May 2016

All the votes are in! 

And click here for all the results for the TechNet Guru Awards, May 2016 !!!!

We want to thank Philip and Nonki for some great articles in May!


Guru Award  Small Basic Technical Guru – May 2016 
Gold Award Winner  Philip Munts Small Basic: Simpler and Cheaper Raspberry Pi GPIO Michiel Van Hoorn: “This is really Awesome (see also the original article). It opens up Small Basic to the real world. ”
Ed Price: “Building off his Raspbery Pi article, this article does an amazing job of digging deeper and showing you more options, such as Rasperry Pi Zero.”
Silver Award Winner  Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Image Michiel Van Hoorn: “Really cool overview of working with Images (like photos) in SmallBasic. We good topic to inspire programming”
Ed Price: “Very thorough end to end overview of usig Images!”


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Have a Small and Basic week!

- Ninja Ed

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  1. Congratulations to all winners!

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