Small Basic – International Resources Update 2016

This is an update summary of a TechNet Wiki article Small Basic: International Resources.  The asterisk (*) marks are new from February 2015.

Language IDE Dictionary* Reference Guide Curriculum Wiki Blogs Collections* Books Videos Twitter Wikipedia* Communities
Chinese (Simplified) ✔* ✔*
Chinese (Traditional) ✔*
Czech ✔*
Dutch ✔*
English ✔* ✔* ✔*
Finnish* ✔*
French ✔* ✔* ✔*
German ✔* ✔*
Hebrew ✔*
Italian ✔* ✔*
Japanese ✔* ✔* ✔* ✔*
Korean ✔* ✔*
Persian ✔*
Portuguese (Brazil) ✔*
Portuguese (Portugal)
Russian ✔*
Spanish ✔*
Turkish ✔*
Ukrainian* ✔*
Comments (2)

  1. YLed says:

    Great resources !

  2. Ah, it looks like Nonki added three categories this month! The Dictionary is for the Dictionary object in Small Basic. It translates into the different languages. The Collections category is like resource lists on a web page, and we just have English and Japanese ones so far. And then Wikipedia is another great list to add. It’s interesting to see which language communities on Wikipedia translated it!

    Thanks, Nonki!

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