Turtle Brick – Small Basic Sample Program

I wrote a 2D brick program controlled with Turtle.  The program ID is  KDH145.

Screen shot of a program Turtle Brick

You can use five commands to control Turtle: Left, Right, Up, Down, and Fill.

Have fun!

Comments (12)

  1. YLed says:

    Amazing !
    many things about the Turtle movement and statement to learn in this code.
    Great program Nonki !!

  2. I noticed that May 23th was a World Turtle Day.

  3. Tryhest says:

    nice work nonky))
    some updates:KDH145-0
    -ld call
    -removed grid
    -added bothside fill
    -removed slow turtle

    1. Tryhest says:

      now added some animations and final xplode effect: WDR658

    2. Nice editions Tryhest.

  4. YLed says:

    Wonderful program, the turtle draws everything !, and by consulting the listing of the program I have learned several things about how to program the movements of the turtle.
    Very good blog, congratulations!

  5. Great example of using the turtle to draw a picture! Thanks, Nonki.

    1. Tryhest says:

      tx ed. now 3d brick world: KXG922

      1. YLed says:

        Wonderful your 3D version KXG922 , wow !

        1. Tryhest says:

          tx yled)) some bubbles 4 u: CWD959

    1. Tryhest says:

      now in real 3d: QXR576

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