New Project SBDoc Started

I started to develop new tool SBDoc.  This tool is like JavaDoc or JSDoc to create document HTML files from program source code.  The current version's program ID is NPW862.

Now SBDoc has CUI (character user interface).  So, to run it, import, run once (for compile) and type as follows from command prompt, while src and out are source and output folder names.

SBDoc src /O out


And SBDoc will create an HTML file index.html in the described output folder.


The source code of this program is also uploaded on GitHub.

Comments (3)

  1. Wow, this is awesome! Thanks, Nonki!

  2. Tryhest says:

    cool nonky. u inspired me to make a treeview of a sb program: TGD255

  3. Tryhest, I’d like to give you a 100line Guru medal.

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