Cartesian and Polar Coordinates in Small Basic

I introduced a Small Basic sample code about 2-dimensional vector in my last blog.  A 2-D vector has two elements.  A point in the plane has x coordinate and y coordinate.  This kind of coordinate is called Cartesian coordinates. Today, I’d like to introduce another coordinate system – polar coordinates.  In polar coordinates, a point…


Small Basic Featured Article – How to Publish Your Program

Ever need to share your Small Basic program? Are you a teacher who needs this basic information as a resource? Then you’ve come to the right place! Read the full article here: Small Basic: How to Publish Your Program    Here is the TOC: Table of Contents   Sharing Your Program Ready to share your…


Small Basic Guru Awards: January 2016 Winners

We had a light competition in January, but Nonki beat me fair and square:  Small Basic Technical Guru – January 2016     Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Clock Michiel Van Hoorn: “Great article on the clock object and how to work with time. Foundational knowledge for any programmer.” Peter Laker: “Nicely formed, well laid out, good contribution”  …


Vector Sample in Small Basic

I created a sample program about vector in Small Basic.  The program ID is WCT521-0. A 2-dimensional vector can represent the coordinates of a point on the plane. At first, this program shows a sample of vector sum. Secondly, this program shows rotation using a rotation matrix. See Also The Developer’s Reference Guide to Small Basic: Chapter 5: GraphicsWindow Object


Featured Article: Interviews with Vijaye Raji, the creator of Small Basic

You can also find the latest version of this article on TechNet Wiki: Small Basic: Interviews with Vijaye Raji, the creator of Small Basic Let’s get to it! Vijaye created Small Basic, based on a challenge to Microsoft that he read in a blog post. Now, a lot of people supported him and helped make…


Small Basic Curriculum Videos! by Mr. Adams

Thanks to the fantastic Mr. Adams, we now have an answer to the question…   What if I don’t want to download the curriculum and learn how to teach Small Basic to my students?   ANSWER: Just play these videos instead! Yes, it’s that easy. You have an actual technical teacher going through the lessons…


Small Basic 1.2: Installation Guide (Featured Article)

Find the updated version of this article on TechNet Wiki: Small Basic 1.2: Installation Guide    Overview Small Basic is free! And it teaches actual text/syntax-based programming to students! This is the only language+IDE built for that purpose! And it’s free!  This guide shows you the detailed steps for installing Small Basic! Downloading Small Basic…


Small Basic Featured Article: Parameter or Return Value Range for Math Function

See the full article from Nonki here: Small Basic: Parameter or Return Value Range for Math Function     This article describes the ranges of parameters or return values for Small Basic Math functions.  This article is work in progress.  So “N/A” means that the range is not investigated yet.  Please edit this article here…


Small Basic – Invalid Variable Names

This Table shows some illegal variable names, along with the reason why each name’s invalid. Table: Invalid Variable Names Variable Name What’s Wrong? 2Player starts with a digit My.Address has an invalid character (dot) in the name Okay? has an invalid character (?) in the name room-temp has an invalid character (minus sign) in the…


You could be our Fabulous February Small Basic Guru!

Fabulous February is here at last! This is the month some of the greatest names in TechNet Wiki history will step forth and give us knowledge! That’s YOU by the way! Drop us a little ray of sun, a few lines of love, or virtual valentine! Your revelations could enrich so many more if you…