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XY Graph


XY Graph is a function plotting program coded with Small Basic. It is able to plot different types of functions into a simple coordinate system. XY Graph also can create score tables.

About XY Graph

XY Graph uses the same syntax analysis as 123 Calculator, so big parts of the source code are the same. With this syntax analysis XY Graph also can calculate long functions with different exponentations and square roots. Underneath the input for the function in the UI the range of the coordinate system and the score table can be set. The graph of a function is visualized on another tab of the program. A calculated point gets drawn into the GW every 3px and all points get connected. The plotting also considers singularity in a simple way. A simple score table for a function is created on the third tab. XY Graph and the syntax analysis are still under development, so not every plotting might be 100% correct. Please help to improve this program by searching and reporting bugs.


  • plot functions with all important mathematical operations including exponentations and square roots
  • create simple score tables for functions
  • set the range of the coordinate system and the score table
  • big and simple buttons and menus for input and edit

Updates and Bugs

There will be further updates and improvements for this program. If you find a bug or if you have ideas to improve this program, please write in the Q and A.




Special thanks to Bluegrams for a great community contribution!


Small and Basically yours,

   - Ninja Ed

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  1. This blog post is the sequel (of sorts) of the feature Jibba Jabba did from a few other programs from Bluegrams: blogs.msdn.com/…/123-calculator-and-christmas-tree-turtle.aspx

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