Small Basic – Zodiac Sign Update

My first version of zodiac sign program in Small Basic was for Challenge of the Month - January 2013.  This year, I updated the program with a new tool program.

The tool name is Get List of Stars from Wikipedia (ZSF735).  The last time, I read and typed constellation data from Wikipedia.  But now this program can do so.

I copied the output above to the zodiac sign program and it became the new one (RVG849-1).

I'd like to update these tool and zodiac program every month this year.

Have fun with Small and Basic power!

Comments (12)

  1. Tryhest says:

    nice work nonki))

    I extended ur app to display more stars

    use wheel to scroll around sky


    -used LDArray to speed up redraw

    -removed shapes – too slow

  2. Wow this is really cool!

    And great additions, Tryhest!

  3. Tryhest says:

    tx Ed))

    updated and changed features on first nonki wikistar app: RVR331

    -combobox of star names

    -added display stars

    -added zoom and pan elevation by mousewheel


    1)select constel. name from combobox

    2) press LIST

    3)press SHOW to show stars

    while stars are shown u can use mousewheel to adjust elevation

    or CTRL+wheel to zoom in/out

    use ctrl+resize window to move controls to right corner

    beware it blocks app, if so press winkey 2x to unblock( happens on win8.1)


  4. Tryhest, nice try!

    For SB 1.2, RVG849-2 need following code in dstarr().

       If mag = "" Then

         d = 2


         d = 20 / mag


  5. Tryhest, I modified your RVR331 as RVR331-0.

    (1) to avoid divided by zero in SB 1.2

    (2) to remove FC Extensions (use only LitDev Extensions)

  6. I created a thread in Small Basic forum to follow up this post.…/zodiac-sign-gallery

  7. anonymouscommenter says:

    Instead of slow shapes you could use images from Stellarium (recently updated to 0.14.2) which are in C:Program FilesStellariumskyculturesSUBS

  8. Awesome. I love how this community helps each other!

  9. Tryhest says:

    Zodiac stars/viewer:

    1) create DB by this file: KTG313

    2) viewer:RVM680

    LD xtension required as usual))

  10. Tryhest says:

    spherical sky viewer: VGC117

    use mswheel to spin the sky around

  11. Tryhest says:

    saturn rings: MXH486

    use wheel to scroll around rings

  12. Wow, these are cool viewers. Thanks, Tryhest!

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