123 Calculator and Christmas Tree Turtle

123 Calculator & Christmas Tree Turtle

It kind of rhymes and certainly repeats.

Once again Bluegrams has packed and shipped us 2 ace programs. The rhythm is that all of Bluegrams programs are well written with readable code, robust and presented nicely.

This package is diverse. One is a functioning feature rich standard calculator posted on the gallery and the other, a graphical app using the Turtle to draw a timely Christmas Tree that runs in the browser. Nice.

123 Calculator & Christmas Tree Turtle

Christmas Tree Turtle can speak for itself. Just click the link and the output and code are right there.

As for 123 Calculator. It's great. Tucked away it has a nice history feature and out front a very clever long mathematical expression handling capability that appears in its output window.

Looks like a straight up standard calculator to me. I can't see any features missing. As Bluegrams says:


"123 Calculator is a simple calculation program made with Small Basic. With its syntax analysis it can also calculate long mathematical terms with all important operations.

It would be very nice if you rate this program!

About 123 Calculator

123 Calculator includes many important features of a simple calculator. It has got a simple calculator interface with big buttons and a menu on the right side. The main part of the calculator is the syntax analysing code which is programmed completely without extensions. In the current version it is able to calculate all the main mathematical operations including exponentiations and square roots. The syntax analysis makes almost half of the code in this program and it probably also will be used in further mathematical programs in the future. The whole program is featured here because it includes images and external files."


It's good that Bluegrams posts these programs to the gallery. Well, smart I reckon. Upgrades can be uploaded to the same source, commentaries made, Q and A's and anyone following Bluegrams can easily see the complete set of Bluegrams on Technet.

Thanks again Bluegrams and happy new year.


BONUS: Also, check out Bluegram's XY Graph (it was a recent program he wrote with the most lines of code):


Comments (6)

  1. Even turtles like Christmas trees!

    Also, fantastic features on the calculator!

    Excellent job, Bluegrams!

  2. Bluegrams says:

    Thank you all so much! I'm very happy that you like my programs.

    Maybe you could also mention XY Graph in one sentence because that actually was my biggest project (with the most lines of code).


  3. Tryhest says:

    my contibute to 100 lines contest:

    snakepath code:GBG086

    (92 lines counted of 114 total)

  4. Tryhest says:

    another 99 (120) lines for contest:

    lcd stopwatch: BLZ395

  5. Bluegrams, okay. I added that at the end of this post. But I think we should feature it in a new post as well.


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