Small Basic Featured Article – How to Use Trigonometric Functions

Here's a classic article from Nonki:

Small Basic: How to Use Trigonometric Functions


Let's imagine we want to draw an arc.

Assume the center of the arc is located at x = 200, y = 300, and the start angle is a1 = -30 and the end angle = -60.
In mathematics, the y axis goes up.  But in Small Basic GraphicsWindow, the y axis goes down.  So the sine of an angle becomes the opposite:

 Here are the equations:

Read more and get the code here:

Small Basic: How to Use Trigonometric Functions


Big thanks to Nonki and his quality articles through the years!

Have a Small and Basic Thanksgiving (or a big stuffed one!)...

   - Turkey Ninja Ed

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  1. Special thanks Ed!  You did a lot of grammar correction in this article. :->

  2. Ha! Yes, I'll do a few sometimes. =^)

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