Small Basic Shapes from Microsoft Excel

This post is an update of the last post Small Basic Shapes from Microsoft Office.

Last time I wrote mainly about PowerPoint macro.  But today's main topic is Excel macro.  I uploaded an Excel file on TechNet Gallery.

Following screen shot is a sheet in the Excel file with shapes drawn with Excel.

And after pushing button [GetShapes], shape array initialization code will be come up as a textbox.

In this version, following shapes are supported.

  • rect - rectangle
  • ell - ellipse (oval)
  • tri - triangle (isosceles triangle)
  • line - line
  • trap - trapezoid (*virtual function)
  • hex - hexagon (*virtual function)
  • text - text

Trap and hex are virtual functions so that they are converted to other functions such as rect, tri and line.  The conversion will be done in program SJG122.

For PowerPoint, I also update the macro GetShape to support line and trapezoid.  The code is uploaded here.

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  1. Wow, this is so cool! Great job on this, Nonki!

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