Small Basic – New Dictionary Object

Today I'd like to write about Dictionary object which has been renewed in Small Basic 1.2.

Ed Price told " changed their API, so we lost use of that object in Small Basic 1.0 and 1.1. We finally got it fixed for 1.2." in comment of a last week blog post.  So, GetDefinitionInFrench operation has made obsolete in Small Basic 1.2.

Now we have the following 17 operations for Dictionary object.  Other than GetDefinition operation are new ones.

  • GetDefinition
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToFrench
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToGerman
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToItalian
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToJapanese
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToKorean
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToSimplifiedChinese
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToTraditionalChinese
  • GetDefinitionFrenchToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionGermanToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionItalianToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionJapaneseToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionKoreanToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionSimplifiedChineseToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionTraditionalChineseToEnglish

I made a sample program ZRS542-0 for these new operations.  You can try these 17 operations with click on a right top rectangle in this program.  And following pictures are the screen shots.

See also an updated TechNet Wiki article Small Basic: Dictionary.

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  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    Finally more languages 😀


  2. This actually gives the Dictionary object a second purpose. Not only will it define a word for you, but it will take a word in another language and define it in English for you or take the English word and define it in another language. So you can use it to write programs that translate and explain words in other languages!

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