Small Basic Teachers and Educators – Join Our Network!!!

Hello! We’ve built a network for our computer science teachers! We’d love to have you join us if… You teach Small Basic! You’re a teacher who would like to learn more about teaching Small Basic! This includes Home School teachers! You build curriculum and content for people who teach Small Basic…. or you currently build…


Prime Number Factorization – Small Basic Featured Article

You can find this amazing article from Microsoft MVP Emiliano Musso here, on TechNet Wiki:              Prime Number Factorization with Small Basic   In this article, Emiliano takes you through a simple method to factorize a number into its prime factors. It uses Small Basic, which can be downloaded at Once installed, you’ll be ready…


How to Make a Check Box – Small Basic Featured Article

Today’s featured article is from Nonki Takahashi. We’re going to explain the design of the check box and a sample here. To get the code, latest version, and the full explanation, see the Wiki article: Small Basic: How to Make a Check Box   Design To make a check box, we need a box, a check…


Small Basic gets more Spanish on TechNet Wiki!!!

Special thanks go out to Sandra who made a great run recently at translating and refining more of our Small Basic TechNet Wiki content into Spanish: Here are the articles and the other translations…   Preguntas más frecuentes de Small Basic (es-ES) Other Translations: Small Basic FAQ (en-us) Small Basic: FAQ (fr-FR)  Small Basic…


Pendulum Sim – Small Basic Featured Program

In the September challenges,  LitDev presented us with a…   Physics Challenge Animate a physically realistic pendulum Try to get its period correct for the scale length of the swing See here or  many other sites on this topic      Jibba Jabba rose to the challenge:     Check it out!   Here’s the text book that…


Want to be the Microsoft TechNet Small Basic Guru for September?

All you have to do is add an article to TechNet Wiki from your own specialist field. Something that fits into one of the categories listed on the submissions page. Copy in your own blog posts, a forum solution, a white paper, or just something you had to solve for your own day’s work today….


Small Basic: Timer – Featured Article

Our Small Basic Guru Gold Medal Winner from July was…    Small Basic Technical Guru – July 2015     Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Timer Michiel Van Hoorn: “Great article on how to control “time” in your Small Basic projects” RZ: “Timer is not an easy subject to grasp. Nonki did a very good job simplifying that.”   Ed…


Small Basic Featured Program – Swimming Shark

Here’s a program from NaochanON:      The August challenges included… Draw a shark swimming   See all the August challenges here:   Have a Small and Basic week!    – Ninja Ed