Triangle in Small Basic

Today I'd like to introduce collected information about triangle in Small Basic.

How to Draw a Triangle

There was a forum question by CookiesUgh about drawing a triangle.  From the question, I wrote a TechNet Wiki article:

Mainly there are three operations to draw a triangle.

  • GraphicsWindow.DrawTriangle
  • GraphicsWindow.FillTriangle
  • Shapes.AddTriangle

But you can draw triangles with other operations such as GraphicsWindow.DrawLine and Turtle.Move.

Triangle Area Calculator

There is a TechNet Wiki article about a triangle area calculator written by Ed Price and Majed Marji.

This article is originally from User Ed blog.  In User Ed blog, there are lots of articles about Small Basic.  You can check them in:

Rotation Centers for Shapes of Triangle

A triangle created by Shapes.AddTriangle() can be rotated by Shapes.Rotate() operation.  At that time, the rotation center depends on the parameters of Shapes.AddTriangle().  The detail is described in the following TechNet Wiki article.

Triangle Clock

This picture is a screen shot of a triangle clock program (CPZ043).


Comments (2)

  1. anonymouscommenter says:


    -draws pieslice instead of triangle

    -needs LD xtension

  2. Great write up of triangle examples!

    QWX, great pie slice version!

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