Microsoft Small Basic Guru Awards – June 2015 Winners!!!

You can find all the TechNet Guru Awards here: The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (June 2015)

Let's look at the Small Basic contributions! 


Guru Award  Small Basic Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


CodingCat Find - Small Basic's Search Feature and its Importance to New Coders Michiel Van Hoorn: "This is sooo practical"
Ed Price: "I love it. This is a core feature, and this article really digs deep on the value and purpose. Incredibly useful!"

Silver Award Winner


Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Turtle Ed Price: "This is an amazing one-stop shop article about the Turtle! You get everything here from info about the object, known issues, links to supporting articles, and more!"
Michiel Van Hoorn: "Good primer on Turle. Great help to start working with object travelling around. "

Bronze Award Winner


CodingCat A Sandbox file object - Small Basic - Safe file operations for Seamless Sharing Ed Price: "Great insight and discussion on the merits of how useful a Sandbox object would be in Small Basic."

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

  • Small Basic: Operator by Nonki Takahashi
    Ed Price: "Great! Very valuable to explain the basics of the different Operators!"
    Michiel Van Hoorn: "Basic's are important"
  • Small Basic: Literal by Nonki Takahashi
    Ed Price: "Another great basics article! This one explains the different Literal types in depth."
    Michiel Van Hoorn: "Great article, advance feature"



If you have any ideas for Small Basic articles to contribute for the July awards, here's your chance! 😀


Big thanks go out to Nonki and Coding Cat on some great articles!


Small and Basically yours,

   - Ninja Ed

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  1. And special thanks to XAML guy for hosting this competition!

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