UPDATE: Small Basic on TechNet Gallery

The Small Basic category/tag on TechNet Gallery is growing! You'll find more extensions, spreadsheets, and programs!

You can see the items that have the most downloads here:



What TechNet Gallery Tags Should We Use?

We categorize in the Gallery with tags. Here are the tags to use for Small Basic:

  1. Small Basic - All items relating to Small Basic
  2. Small Basic Games
  3. Small Basic Programs
  4. Small Basic Images - Images to be used in Small Basic games and programs
  5. Small Basic Extensions
  6. Small Basic Whitepapers
  7. Small Basic Decks
  8. Small Basic Spreadsheets
  9. Small Basic Promotions - Any promotional items, like videos, posters, logos, or flyers


Why Use TechNet Gallery?

So you have stuff to upload, right? You know... Small Basic games, extensions, and even whitepapers, decks, spreadsheets, or images (or at least, I do).

So that means you need a host. You can upload it onto OneDrive or another cloud-based host.

But if you put it on TechNet Gallery, then...

  1. It's instantly part of the Small Basic category of items.
  2. It's going to be found more easily by search engines (you're likely going to get more downloads and views).
  3. People can rate it so you can get a sense of how well it's doing.
  4. The number of downloads is transparent, so you can easily see how well it's doing.
  5. People can ask questions in the "Q and A" tab.
  6. You have lots of ways to categorize it and explain it before they download it.
  7. You can easily and clearly replace it with an updated version.
  8. People will go from it to your other Gallery items and to your Profile (to see what you've been doing on the Forums and Wiki as well, and where they'll find a link to your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/blog).
  9. You'll earn Recognition Points and Achievement Medals, which adds to your reputation.


What Can You Put on the TechNet Gallery?

1. Games & Programs

Smaller games work for the Publish button (sharing the URL and Import Code), but for larger games, especially games built with extensions, you'll need to share the entire executable. Examples:

Avatar of Behnam Azizi              
582 Points                                  
Here is another game that I made using Small Basic. I named it Tancraft. It is a 2-player game you can play with one of you friends.I am so thankful to Litdev for his awesome extensions. I used his extension to use an animated image (the explosion of the tanks) in my game. 
Updated 7/10/2013        
Released 12/17/2012        


Avatar of Ed Price - MSFT                     
288,856 Points           


Tankinator Made by:  Zock77, Cobra355. Tankinator is a fun Tower Defense game, made in the TeamChallenge Small Basic competition.
Updated 6/5/2014        
Released 12/21/2012        


2. Images

If you have an image or a set of images that are great to be used for Small Basic games or programs, and you want to share them with the community, then this is the place to share them! Example:

Avatar of Nonki Takahashi                                                   

27,299 Points              

This is a Turtle image formatted as PNG file.  This image is for Small Basic Another Turtle Project  here.  My intension is to refer this image directly from Small Basic programs.  This image is made with Paint program attached in Windows.  And added transparent color with GIMP.             
Updated 8/1/2014        
Released 6/11/2014
Avatar of Nonki Takahashi                                                   

27,299 Points              

This file is a Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation.  Following three image files are created from this presentation by [Save as Picture] option.Duck.png with transparent background color.Duck2.png with opaque background color.Sighter.png with transparent background.             
Updated 7/13/2014        
Released 7/13/2014


3. Extensions

Why put your extensions up in a place that's separate from all the other extensions? Instead, you can upload them into a library of extensions. Example:

litdev's avatar        
27,299 Points                              
This is a Visual Studio C# project to create an extension dll for Small Basic. The extension code is quite simple and can be modified to create PPM (Pulse Position Modulation) sound signals to control RC (remote control) devices.            
Updated 6/10/2014      
Released 6/10/2014              



4. White Papers

Got a long Wiki article or want to turn all your Wiki articles into a small e-book? Well you can, and then upload your white paper as a PDF to the Gallery. Example:

Avatar of Ed Price - MSFT       
288,856 Points                          
Small Basic is a programming language that is designed to make programming extremely easy, approachable, and fun for beginners.  Small Basic’s intention is to bring down the barrier and serve as a stepping stone to the amazing world of computer programming.        
Updated 8/9/2013        
Released 11/11/2012        


5. PowerPoint Decks

If you taught Small Basic or presented on it, you can share that with the community! Examples:

Avatar of Ed Price - MSFT                                   
288,856 Points                                   


 This includes all the Lesson 1 decks in a zipped file, so that you don't have to download the decks separately.See Download the Small Basic Curriculum for individual downloads. See Small Basic Curriculum: Online for the written curriculum.
Updated 8/9/2013        
Released 5/18/2013        
Avatar of Ed Price - MSFT                           
289,172 Points           
This is the PowerPoint deck for Lesson 2.1 of the Small Basic Curriculum.See Download the Small Basic Curriculum for all the download options. See Small Basic Curriculum: Online for the written curriculum.
Updated 8/9/2013        
Released 5/21/2013        


6. Spreadsheets

You can also share data about Small Basic! Examples:

Avatar of Jibba Jabba                           
2,492 Points                 
These statistics are produced and updated by the Small Basic Community, for the Community. They report and graph the Replies, Votes and Views for all the Small Basic Monthly Challenges as at June 4, 2014.      
Updated 6/5/2014        
Released 6/4/2014        
Avatar of Nonki Takahashi                                                   

3,747 Points              

This is an Excel workbook which contaiins a table of all past Small Basic Challenge of the Month.  Challenge of the Month is started in 2011 to present challenges for Small Basic programmers.  Microsoft Small Basic is a simple progamming language for people who learn programming.             
Updated 6/6/2014        
Released 6/5/2014


7. Small Basic Promotions

These are all the promotional items, including images, videos, logos, posters, flyers, etc. Anything you'd use to promote Small Basic, whether on a website or at an event.



Here are all the Small Basic Gallery items, listed by Release Date:



 Thank you to all the contributors!

    - Ninja Ed

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