jadamelio’s Weekly Article Feature – Optimization

Whether you are programming a video game, simulation or any other program where time and performance is important, optimizing your code is critical. Since Small Basic(Without the LitDev extension) has only a handful of streamlined tools, optimization is all about knowing the nuances in your code. 

I introduce to you, the TechNet article: Small Basic: Optimization, written by Ezra94 and Nonki Takahashi. 

For an aspiring programmer, who doesn't understand how code works under the hood, this article is a one stop solution source.  

The article discusses both specific techniques and methods to speed up the program, from keeping arrays small and clearing out their data to understanding nesting and reverse loops.

More importantly though, are the sections that discuss tools and skills to help you find where the program slows down. One of the tools mentioned, the use of the "Clock.ElapsedMilliseconds", was incredibly helpful for me when developing my game in Small Basic. Nonki made a small program that highlighted the speed of each section, and the solution because immediately apparent. 

If you're new to programming or teaching someone new, take a quick peek at the article, it's never too early to form good habits!

Thank you Nonki and Ezra for your contribution to the Small Basic community!



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  1. Truly a very helpful article!

    You can see a bit of an evolution of this article by following the blog posts here: blogs.msdn.com/…/ezra94

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