Small Basic Game: Foul Sorcery, an update

Sorry I haven't been super punctual with my updates on Foul Sorcery, life has gotten super busy and graduation is right around the corner!

For those who haven’t been following my progress:

"A friend and I have been working on a little top down shooter in Small Basic called Foul Sorcery!, you can download it here(You'll need to unzip it before running it.) It uses left and right mouse to move your character and space bar to cast a fireball. The game features random level generation and multiple enemy types(Watch out for the red knights, they are beatable, but tough). "

I have now updated and redone all of my code to help with efficiency, and there is marked improvement; more sprites can be handled on screen.

Unfortunately converting my code to use the LitDev extension has been proving difficult, the infrastructure of my code doesn’t play nice in this case. For my upcoming project I intend to use LitDev from the start, in order to avoid difficult conversions.

Comments (1)

  1. Thank you for the update! It's encouraging to learn from people as they handle a big project like this game!

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