Small Basic – Thar Be Dragons!!!

Over in the May challenges from LitDev:


I suggested some dragon games:


Community Suggestion (By Ed Price)

  • Write a Dragon Game. It can be any game where you try to slay a dragon, whether it is a text-based game, graphical, or a combination. You could also make the dragon the hero.


The first Dragon Game comes from Athasak.

Athasak's avatar                

Here's the game:
Import ID: VWC770
Screen shot of a program Dragon Game
Coding Cat commented:
Props to you Athasak. A Job well done. Took me six tries before I beat the dragon.  🙂

And from Nonki:

Hello Athasak, great game!  Thanks.


As a bonus, Nonki is starting to build a hilarious Dragon VS Turtle game!
Move the turtle with your mouse:
We'll cover that game more in the future!
Thanks to Athasak for a great game!
Small and Basically yours,
   - Ninja Ed
Comments (1)

  1. Anybody get a chance to play this game?


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