Small Basic: My Ongoing Projects

Today, I'd like to introduce my ongoing Small Basic projects.  Some of the projects have beta programs and some have only plans. 

1. Another Turtle Graphics

This project has two aims.  One is to provide easier environment to learn programming.  The other is to make various program using Turtle object.

2. Shapes

This project has been started to draw pictures with Shapes object.  Now this program has ability to read and write SVG graphics format.

3. Anime

This project is a successor of Shapes project and in planning phase.  I'm intending to create animation program using Shapes object.

4. Parser Generator

This project is to write parser generator in Small Basic.  There are following two programs.

  • Parser Generator 0.4 (XWX066) generates Graphics Interpreter (XRZ138)
  • Parser Gererator 1.3 (ZBG977-3) generates Code Block Generator (SKC235-1)

5. Big Numbers

This project is to write programs calculating big numbers in Small Basic.  Now we have programs to calculate factorial, combination and power.

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6. Program Database

This project is to create your own program database in your disk.  I should decide standard comment format for this program. 

7. Marionette

This project has began as the Big Challenge.  This will help Anime project.  I have a latest plan to use Kinect sensor for this project.

8. Icon (PPM) Editor

This project has been started to write icon editor in Small Basic.  This program can read and write PPM bitmap format.

9. Small Quest

This project has just began since April 28, 2015 with PhilipRocker.  To create text base adventure game.  Now in planning stage. 

Comments (12)

  1. These are pretty awesome! I'm looking forward to Small Quest!

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    flickr image analyser:MFH321

    displays r g b gry cy m y channels and histogram

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    Wow… Eu estou animado com o nosso projeto e sei que ele vai ficar muito bom quando terminarmos!

  4. Thank you Ed, qwx and PhilipRocker for your comments.

  5. anonymouscommenter says:

    and now a db index of nonki listings))



    read comments prior to run

    and uncomment req'd lines

  6. anonymouscommenter says:

    inspired by Nonki's Frustration board

    fish tiles, code: XHD796

    use mouse wheel to adjust boldness of tiles

  7. QWX, nice! I love your index of Nonki's listings! Ha!

  8. anonymouscommenter says:

    tx ed)) nonki has great programing skillz and works)) working on a demo compilation  of best nonki's works, soon to be published…

  9. Jibba Jabba says:

    This is great to see Nonki. Really helpful. I've been learning web development and have some ideas under construction – learning as I go. Part of the site is a personal gallery (I can see a way now to code a template so others could post to it). I've still got my eye on the big challenge (it will be an interesting part of the site, using yours and litdevs contribution, graphics and physics. My 1st collab.). Learning as I go so slow progress for me. Thanks for sharing this. Great achievements Nonki.

  10. I've got an idea to add TODO management feature into Program Database.  

  11. Wow all great projects ! Congratulations Nonki.

  12. Filipe Cardoso Martins says:

    Justos eu e o Nonki vamos fazer do Small Quest um ótimo jogo de Aventura, passando como conteudo lições de programação e incentivo para estudantes de Small Basic.

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