Kinect for Small Basic Quick Review

Today I will write a quick review about Kinect for Small Basic.

At first, I bought Xbox One Kinect Sensor and Kinect Adapter for Windows from Microsoft Store online.

And I installed software for them along with instruction in a blog post "Kinect to Small Basic" in the CODING4FUN blog.  I shared my first program (in SB 1.1) in Small Basic forum.

Now, I wrote two samples.  The first one is a KinectWindow Viewer. Installed software Kinect for Small Basic Extension Library has an object KinectWindow.  KinectWindow can show images of Kinect sensors.  There are following five types of sensors.


The second one is a Kinect Joint Viewer.  This program uses KinectBodyList.GetJointPosition operation and shows the information in GraphicsWindow.

I hope I can write a simple game with this sensor.

Thank you Greg Duncan for sharing about Kinect for Small Basic!  I love it.

See Also

I wrote a TechNet Wiki article about this extension.

Comments (6)

  1. Awesome! This is so much fun!

    And thanks also to Channel 9ers like Greg for posting this out there!

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    Can Small Basic use the xbox 360 kinect sensor?

  3. No. Looks like just the Xbox One Kinect or Kinect 2 for Windows.

  4. Check out this blog post from Michael, which acts as the release notes for the Small Basic Kinect objects:

  5. lordpba says:

    Kinect is one of the most underrated MS HW, it is awesome, 10 years ahead of any other competitors. It can be used as strong biometric security access, for directional voice control, also for VR, have you ever used for meeting conference with Skype? Is the best, period. MS are you there? 😉

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