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Comments (21)

  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    perspective 3d example

    code: FMZ241

    usage: use mouse wheel to adjust angle, ctrl+wheel oher angle, move mouse around to see results and different perspectives

  2. Wow, that's fantastic! Great job, Qwxx!

  3. Note that the program above from Qwxx requires the LitDev extension.


  4. anonymouscommenter says:

    will there be support for touch devices and multitouch in sb 1.2?

  5. anonymouscommenter says:

    a wish list for features:

    – local vars

    – consts and percompiler replace( like c++)

    – subs w variables (like ldcall.function)

    -a treelist of all subs and vars (like lddebug)

    – better support for tablet and win10 devices, multitouch detection

    – hiding procs and program modules

    – $I include statement, and USES/Import clause for dll-s

  6. anonymouscommenter says:

    and also making ld a standard included xtension))

  7. anonymouscommenter says:

    also introducing aliases as in unix would make long progs appear smaller and easier to read

    an optional button to expand/shrink aliases also welcome!

    SELECT CASE w'd be also a nice thing to intoduce))


    with aliases turned ON:

    aliases can be held in external file like C.h define header files

    in file———————-

    #adef _gw      as GraphicsWindow

    #adef _Endif  as }

    #adef _call    as LDcall.function("

    #adef _then  as {

    #adef _gwbk as gw.Background

    #adef _rnd    as math.getrandomnumber


    ' the _ references to obligatoty space or empty char, thus can't be mistaken

    referencing  e.g. hgw for gw







    if a>b {





    call Test,a*b

    Sub test

    gw.Drawtext(10,10,"Testing "+args[1]


    'note the exclusion of unnecessary ()  ) and " chars


    same with aliases turned OFF:






    If a>b then






    Sub test



  8. anonymouscommenter says:

    also line continuation and line split chars w'd be much of usefullness:


    If a=b then || c=d ||}

    instead of

      if a=b then



    w'd shorten 2 lines of listing!

    also a comment end char w'd make possibe comments at begin of lines such as

    'start at:` c=5

    'end at:` d=6

    where ` stand for comment end char

    line split chars (~~) w'd make long IF clauses simplier to comment and analyze:

    if a>5 and ~~ 'output size`

      b>6 and ~~ 'input length`

      c<4 and ~~ 'treshold`

      math.sin(a+b)<math.cos(c) ~~


    else …


    line cont and line  and comments split c'd also be defined in alias statement

    #adef || as #nl

    #adef ~~ as #void

    #adef range '..` as #void

  9. anonymouscommenter says:

    same demo prog w aliases and line splits


    #def $} as ||Endsub

    gw.title="test" || a=rnd(10) || a=rnd(20) || args=0

    if a>b {|| gw.Drawtext(10,10,"Test

    else     || gw.Drawtext(10,10,"Rest


    call Test,a*b

    Sub test ||gw.Drawtext(10,10,"Testing "+args[1] $}

  10. "will there be support for touch devices and multitouch in sb 1.2?"

    No we're currently looking at some App Store support for beyond 1.2 (not sure version yet).

    What would your top requests be for "multitouch" for you? Because the truth is that I multitouch on Small Basic now, so we need to dig deeper on what it means to you… supported platforms, devoted app, what makes something "touch"able, etc.


  11. It's a little clearer here: "better support for tablet and win10 devices, multitouch detection"

    So Windows 10? What tablet platforms? Multitouch detection… meaning what? Because as I mentioned, we can multitouch now. So the question is: what are the multitouch applications you're comparing it to, and what are the desired features?


  12. "and also making ld a standard included xtension))"

    Can you describe how the ID would work? Would it be a Small Basic object?

    Is this regarding a LitDev Extension object?


  13. "- hiding procs and program modules"

    Can you describe this one more?


  14. anonymouscommenter says:

    yes, as standard sb object, without additional instalation

    maybe combining ldmath and math together in one lib, and so on

  15. anonymouscommenter says:

    i found somewhere a multimouse support for w7, but it was years ago. now i believe that it's included in w10 kernel, at least 2 "mouse" points till max 10 touch points. 2 points is enough for 2-finger zoom, rotate and so on… w'd be a great experience to include it in sb 1.2, isn't it?

  16. anonymouscommenter says:

    if u worked in vb or vc studio u c'd see that every sub or func is listed as a treenode. thus u can show and hide unnecessary subs. it reduces time to scrool program list and make faster finding and focusing on current programming task))

  17. Treenodes… ah yes. This is Feature Idea #14:…/

    Code Folding. We're definitely looking at it. Thanks!

  18. Multi-touch… Essentially what we'd need is to develop for some multi-touch gestures. Currently we just have a mouse click.

    2-finger zoom (like in web browsers like IE and Chrome). This one I understand. I use it in browsers a lot.

    Rotate… What would you rotate? You mean in a program or game you made?

    Currently, touch and drag easily selects a lot of code. Is this expected? Or would you want it to scroll the screen as the priority, as it does in most WYSIWYGs and in Word? Word gives you little circles to try to select text with (pretty difficult). WYSIWYGs are even worse. You can't select text at all. You can touch and hold, and that brings up a square and selects a single word. But you'll need to use your virtual keyboard. So the Small Basic touch and hold to select is pretty nice… it's nice to not have to worry about how to select text. But it would be nice to have the scrolling too.

    What other gestures would you expect?


  19. anonymouscommenter says:

    it is just expected u implement array of mouse points for detected touch point


    graphicwindow.mousex[1]..graphicwindow.mousex[n] 1..n stands for touch node

    then we can try other code writting and solutions…

  20. Jibba Jabba says:

    2 more helpful suggestions have come in on the forum:

    1: help with ensuring the correct version of .NET is installed. Perhaps this can be checked during installation and the installer could assist if it needs upgrading.

    2: accessible documentation: maybe this could be prompted during installation as well. Just mentioning .NET and what it is and perhaps recommend some good getting started resources

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