Help us prioritize your Small Basic 1.1 Known Issues (Bugs) and Feature Ideas!!!

Thank you everyone for your feedback about Small Basic! First, you can check out the Microsoft Small Basic 1.1 Release Notes to see what’s new in Small Basic! We’ve been gathering known issues and feature ideas from you here: Microsoft Small Basic v1.0: Known Issues.   And now we want your help prioritizing some of these Known Issues and…

Bien Débuter avec le Small Basic (fr-FR)

Vous avez décidé d’apprendre le Small Basic, mais vous vous sentez un peu perdu ? Voici quelques liens et informations utiles pour vous aider. Références Tout d’abord voici les liens de référence sur le Small Basic qui vont seront toujours utiles: Portail du Small Basic : Portail contenant la liste des liens sur le Small…

Slot Machines – Small Basic Featured Program

In LitDev’s April Challenges:   We had the… Game Challenge Write a slot machine game – pull the handle, spin the wheels and win win win.     Jibba Jabba submitted this beauty: Here’s my Slot Machine solution: JPT105  It uses some .au sound files so these may not run on some pc’s.   You…

Small Basic – Try out the New Kinect Extension!

We’re trying out a Kinect Extension! NOTE: This will also work with the Xbox One Kinect Sensor and the Windows adapter. Please give it a try and post your feedback below or in this Small Basic Forum thread.   Note: This information is also available in the Coding4Fun blog on Channel 9 here.   Let’s…


Advanced Turtle Graphics – Small Basic Featured Program

Today I will introduce an extended version of Turtle Graphics program written by qwx.  This program is announced as comments in my blog post last week. Qwx’s program was DMX970.  Updated points from my XVK119-3 were: Shortened commands Colors Main repeat loop must be in the first line Command S)caling exponential Right click menu Save and load…

Small Basic Guru Awards – March 2015

We had a great month of Small Basic Guru articles for March! Here are our winners…    Small Basic Technical Guru – March 2015     Philip Munts Small Basic and the Raspberry Pi Michiel Van Hoorn: “Wonderful idea and good write up. Would be cool so have something running with the “regular” Raspbian.” RZ: “This is incredible….


Avancement du Portail Small Basic Français (fr-FR)

Bonjour à tous, Aujourd’hui la communauté française du Small Basic est heureuse de vous annoncer que le Portail Small Basic Français à une grande partie de ces articles référencés qui ont été traduits. Même si tous n’ont pas été traduits, les articles les plus importants pour commencer sont disponibles. Parmi les traductions vous trouverez entre autres….

Attention All Small Basic Gurus! Time to SPRING Into Action!

We still have 12 days to go in the April Small Basic Guru contest!   April fools is out of the way; now let’s find an April genius! The name “April” is derived from the Latin verb “aperire”, meaning “to open”, as it is the season when trees, flowers AND MINDS start to open! And.. I can’t…


Turtle Graphics – Small Basic Featured Program

Today I will introduce my Turtle Graphics program written in Small Basic. This project was started in a forum thread “Another Turtle Graphics” on March 21, 2014.  This project aimed to create a programming environment used before Small Basic.  But the development of this Turtle Graphics program has been suspended until this month. So I proposed…

Roulette – Small Basic Featured Program

Today I’d like to introduce my Roulette program LNM164-3. This is Roulette version 0.3b.  I wrote previous version of this program for the Challenge of the Month – June 2013.  Today I rewrote this program to add ball animation. Have fun!