Small Basic Featured Art – Japanese Hina Dolls

Today's art comes from Nonki Takahashi!


Over in the March Challenge's Forum thread, Nonki submitted this Community Challenge:

Community Suggestion (By Nonki)

  • Draw a picture of doll[s].


And here is Nonki's Submission:

This is my sample for community suggestion by Nonki: PPF232.

Screen shot of a program Hina Dolls

March 3 is Doll Festival (Girl's Day) in Japan.


What a beautiful drawing! Import the program or click to the Web view (PPF232) to see how Nonki coded it!

His background color is PeachPuff. =^)


GraphicsWindow.BackgroundColor = "PeachPuff"


Small and Basically yours,

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (2)

  1. Note that we launched Small Basic 1.1 this weekend! Read more here:…/small-basic-1-1-is-here.aspx


  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    added some enhancements:

    -object moving w mouse leftclick

    -mousewheel resizing


    -works in SB environment only

    -LD extension required



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