Sudden Death – Featured Small Basic Game

Special thanks to Coding Cat for whipping up a fun little game in the March Challenges.

Coding Cat submitted this community challenge:

Community Suggestion (By Coding Cat)

  • Easy: A real time countdown lock.
  • Hard: Using the countdown clock as a theme for a game.


Here's the game from Coding Cat:


Here is my entry in to the game based on my challenge, a count down timer.

I call this one Sudden Death

Here is the import Code: BSB984





LitDev had a higher top score:

But Nonki came in with the high score on 3/26:

Hi Coding Cat.  Thank you for creating fun game!

Screen shot of a program Sudden Death


Read the discussion in the March Challenges on the Small Basic forum.


Have a Small and Basic week!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (3)

  1. Comment here with your top score!

  2. I added Nonki's new top score, which was submitted in the forum thread on 3/26:…/challenge-of-the-month-march-2015

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    My top score (1st time I played this) was 6170

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