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Today I'd like to pick up a touch type learning game "Learn My Keyboard" written by Yan Grenier.  This program was introduced in following forum thread.

My first program : Learn My Keyboard ([fr-FR] Mon premier programme : Apprendre Mon Clavier)

Written by Yan Grenier.

It's a small game to learn typing on the keyboard, letters falls and you need to type the good key on the keyboard.

I created it in full french first, and after I created a full english version. I try to be clear for an educational purpose.

The source are available  here https://github.com/Small-Basic-French/ApprendreMonClavier

And you can import the programs :

  • English Version "CDL972-0"
  • French Version "JBT330-3"

Import this program from the Small Basic environment and run.  Have fun!

Yan, thank you for sharing "Learn My Keyboard".


Comments (4)

  1. Wow! Super addictive!

    Note that you can't run the game in remote. (Local only.)

    I lost on Level 50 with 89,120 points. Can anyone beat my score? =^)

    Great job, Yan! I'll try it out with my daughter.

  2. Thanks Ed,

    Yes I discover there are a problem on remote.

    For your score sorry but Nonki is better social.msdn.microsoft.com/…/617213

  3. Ha! Yes, Nonki did much better than I did! =^)

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