Small Basic V-Next – Fixing Bugs

So we've got a Small Basic 1.1 and Small Basic 1.2 planned! We can't give dates or guarantees, but we want you to know that we're fixing some bugs!


You can track the status of the bugs over on the Known Issues page.


Here are some of the bugs we've been fixing...


2. Turtle.Show() doesn't show Turtle after GraphicsWindow.Clear() or Turtle.Hide(). See FLR412. (detail)

  • PRI 1
  • STATUS: Fixed for v 1.2
5. Shapes.AddText() at the top of program shows exception thrown by target.

  • PRI 2
  • STATUS: Fixed for v 1.2

12. Dictionary object sometimes doesn't work from June 2014 (detail).

  • PRI 1
  • STATUS: Fixed for 1.2

14. GraphicsWindow.GetPixel crashes if coordinates are outside window e.g. x < 0.

  • PRI 1
  • STATUS: Fixed for v 1.2
15. Hiding and showing a TextWindow crashes 8.1 and deletes content in Windows 7  (details).

  • PRI 2
  • STATUS: Fixed for v 1.2
17. Flickr object doesn't work from June 2014 (requires https:\\ in place of http:\\) 
  • PRI 1
  • STATUS: Fixed for v 1.1


And the Doc bugs:


3. Hebrew translation errors (detail).

  • STATUS: Fixed for v 1.2


There you go! We're making some progress!


Have a Small and Basic day!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (12)
  1. That's a good news !


  2. I added number 5 to the list! Pretty awesome!

    Special thanks go out to our key members (RF and MS) for burning through these bugs!

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    If I make a suggestion I would like to have the option to move or disable the Intellisense feature where the box pops up and covers the screen when I'm coding.

  4. Blain, it's a good suggestion. Please add it to the bottom of this list (we want to keep the numbers consistent so that we can refer to them):…/

  5. I added #5 to this list!

  6. That's exciting!  Thank you for your information, Ed.

  7. I added #15 to the list.

  8. anonymouscommenter says:

    Great news! Nice job. An amazing teaching resource.

  9. Thanks, John! You mean Small Basic in general is a great teaching resource?

  10. We got a new one fixed for 1.2. This one was a Doc bug…

    Doc Bug #3: Hebrew translation errors (detail).

      STATUS: Fixed for v 1.2

  11. anonymouscommenter says:

    "… no dates or guarantees …" but that's such a tease!!! I realise that this is community-driven and probably has to fit into people's spare time, but a hint of when v1.1 is likely to come out, (given that you're already working on v1.2!!) would be really helpful. I'm teaching with SB 1.0 in UK schools, KS3-KS5 (that's kids aged 11 to 16). I love what they can all achieve, but the flickr and turtle fixes especially would be fantastic if they could be available early next term, April/May. Any chance? Pretty please!!

  12. John, 1.1 is out! How's that for a hint?

    This is a side project. There's no ETA because it doesn't exist. When it's released, we'll be the first to know (mere minutes before you know)! =^)

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