How does a Small Basic program run?

Today I will explain about how a Small Basic program runs.

If you click [Run] button on the Small Basic environment (SB.exe), it calls Small Basic compiler (SmallBasicCompiler.exe).  Small Basic compiler compiles the source file and outputs debug file xxx.pdb and executable xxx.exe .  If there are no errors, the Small Basic environment calls xxx.exe .  xxx.exe calls SmallBasicLibrary.dll (Small Basic library - dynamic link library) and the dll calls .NET Framework runtime library.  Then .NET Framework calls Windows systems library....

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  1. Nice! I love diagrams like this! It really helps visually explain the concept!

  2. GloriaJohn says:

    This is a very informative article for beginners. I am taking some notes myself.…/family-law

  3. Great John! Are you counseling yourself?

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