Small Basic V-Next – Fixing Bugs

So we’ve got a Small Basic 1.1 and Small Basic 1.2 planned! We can’t give dates or guarantees, but we want you to know that we’re fixing some bugs!   You can track the status of the bugs over on the Known Issues page.   Here are some of the bugs we’ve been fixing…   2….


Small Basic – International Resouces Update

This is the update of a post Small Basic International Resources – Featured Article which I wrote last October. Persian resources are added.  So now we have 24 languages for Small Basic international resources. Details of these resources are described here. The red checkmarks are new since October 2014! Language IDE Reference Guide Curriculum Wiki Blogs Books…


Curah! about Small Basic

Do you know “Curah!” – the curation web service by Microsoft about technology? I made two curation articles about Small Basic: How to get started programming with Small Basic? Small Basic articles in Channel 9 See also about Curah!: Curah! Frequently Asked Questions  


TechNet Wiki Article List – Small Basic Featured Article

Today I’d like to introduce a tool to create TechNet Wiki article list.  Of course this program is written in Small Basic! There are two versions of this tool. TechNet Wiki Article List 0.11 (WWJ884-0) – for Small Basic articles  TechNet Wiki Article List 0.21 (WWJ884-2) – for Visual Basic articles You can easily change…


UPDATE: Unique Features of Microsoft Small Basic

Over on this Wiki page: The Unique Features of the Small Basic Language   I added two new Unique Features:    Simple Error Line CoordinationWhen you get syntax errors (during Compile), just click the error message to hop up to that line and spot in the code!               Fun Turtle GraphicsIn addition to using the…


Bienvenido a Small Basic (es-ES)

Small Basic es un proyecto que está destinado a traer de vuelta a la “diversión” a la programación. Al proporcionar un lenguaje de programación de pequeño y fácil de aprender en un entorno de desarrollo y acogedor, Small Basic hace que la programación de una brisa. Ideal para niños y adultos por igual, Small Basic ayuda a los…


How does a Small Basic program run?

Today I will explain about how a Small Basic program runs. If you click [Run] button on the Small Basic environment (SB.exe), it calls Small Basic compiler (SmallBasicCompiler.exe).  Small Basic compiler compiles the source file and outputs debug file xxx.pdb and executable xxx.exe .  If there are no errors, the Small Basic environment calls xxx.exe . …


Small Basic Monthly Challenges (February 2015) – File Listing, Gravity Missiles, 2048, Icon Editor, MP3 Size Calculator, and Hangman!!!

 These challenges are intended for people who are learning to program for the first time or for those returning to programming who want to start using Small Basic. Some will be easy, some will be hard – but they will all make you think, and more importantly be GREAT FUN! Please post your solutions /…


Raster and Vector Graphics in Small Basic

Today, I’d like to talk about raster and vector graphics for Small Basic. Raster Graphics Raster graphics is about digital pictures painted with colored pixels (dots).  Paint is one of most popular program to create raster graphics (or bitmap).  There are a lot of formats for raster graphics – .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png  and so on….