Small Basic on Mac

Today I'm writing this blog on my Mac mini.  Today's topic is how Small Basic programs run on Mac.


Silverlight plug-in supports Safari (browser for Mac OS X).  So published Small Basic programs can be run on Safari.  On Mac, some fonts are in common with Windows such like Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS and so on.  But other fonts are not in Mac.  Details about fonts are here.


Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework.  So I tried to run the Small Basic environment.  But this trial was failed.  Because WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is not supported by Mono.  Mono runs such like below as a command.  I tried to run TextWindow base Small Basic program with this command, but failed again. TextWindows base program also needs WPF.

Virtual Machine

Mac mini has Intel CPU and similar architecture with Windows preinstalled PCs.  So, Windows can be installed to Mac mini.  And there are some virtual machine softwares such like Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion.  I installed Parallels Desktop 10 to my Mac mini and Windows 8.1 on it.  Of course the Small Basic environment runs in this virtual machine.

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  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    Thanks for this. I am going to try VirtualBox as the VM.

  2. Lots of options! Very cool!

    1. “Lots of options”? Lots of complicated contortions that should be wholly unnecessary in the 21st century. The more I see, the more unsatisfactory this platform becomes. Naturally, there will now be a dozen compromised knights riding in to defend the damsel besmirch’d.

      1. Which platform? Macintosh?

        Multi platforms can be a pain. You can release an app rebuilt for every platform. That’s possible. Another option is to do something a little more universal, online. Check out Small Basic Online:

        1. We’re not talking about some small startup here, we’re talking about Microsoft. Microsoft engineers get paid obscene salaries. And we’re not talking about 100 platforms, we’re talking about Mac support. We’re also not talking about the world’s most elaborate product, we’re talking about Small Basic.

          I can imagine certain difficulties — such as directory and file access, font handling, and other potential barriers to screen-screen compatibility between the platforms under the existing implementation. But not to even try, or worse, to leave it to little third-party hacks as we see? It seems to me that that is just irresponsible. Don’t release a product half-assed, especially not a rudimentary product like Small Basic. Either make it full-assed or don’t inflict it on the public.

          1. Peter,

            This is a volunteer project. Nobody at Microsoft got paid to work on Small Basic. Small Basic makes no one money. All it does is teaches kids how to code.

            Microsoft has supported this by paying for various things, but not anyone’s salary.

            We have the online version to provide Mac support. That’s going to get better, as we launch Small Basic Online 1.0 (currently it’s 0.91).

            Offering full support for Windows and online is a full product. Many products have launched with less than that.

            And as we move Small Basic to GitHub / Open Source, starting with our upcoming Small Basic Online 1.0, then we’re going to be moving to that source code, as we build out features to launch Small Basic 2.0 from there, both for Online and Desktop. That would be a great time to get your help (or anyone from the community) to help build out the source code so that we can launch a Mac app as well. That will be a future goal in general… to offer more apps being built from that same repo (post 2.0). Nobody ever suggested Mac, but we did talk about iPhone and Android as top choices.

            Thank you!

  3. Trainer ED says:

    Got to Catchem’ all!

    1. DJ,

      Either you C or you do not C.

      But perhaps you SB and VB before you C, C#, and C++.

  4. – Bootcamp Assistant (A utility by Apple) would also be an option to run Small Basic.
    – Small Basic Online is also an option for running Small Basic.

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