Small Basic Guru Awards! (December 2014)

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And below are the results for the Small Basic category of the TechNet Guru Awards, December 2014 !!!!

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Guru Award  Small Basic Technical Guru - December 2014  

Gold Award Winner


Pappa Lapub How to add background music to a Small Basic game RZ: "Very cool. It's always fun to add some music to the games."
Michiel Van Hoorn: "Depending the music choose this will be very annoying ? Great insight into the use of events"
Ed Price: "Great scenario and set of instructions! Good job on the code commenting. Could be improved with a See Also section and breaking up the code with more explanations (the full block of code could be hosted on the MSDN Code Gallery and linked to from the article). Great article! A lot of people will want to do this!"

Silver Award Winner


Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Instructions to Graduate and Debug with Visual Studio Ed Price: "What a great resource! The "Debug with Visual Studio" section really helps tell the full story! A fantastic addition to the Small Basic library!"
RZ: "Yes, at some point, you may want to graduate to VB.NET. This post gives you the details."
Michiel Van Hoorn: "Aha, step into the real world of Visual Studio (Community). Great detailed steps"

Bronze Award Winner


Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Revision Control Michiel Van Hoorn: "Excellent step up for more professional programming. Even more relevant since VS is depending more on Github."
Ed Price: "Incredibly useful, great detail, and a perfect example of telling a story with images!" 

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

  • Small Basic: Shortcuts by Nonki Takahashi
    RZ: "Shortcuts are very useful. They will further speed up your programming :)"
    Ed Price: "Short and sweet! Very helpful to have this list!"
    Michiel Van Hoorn: "Like Nonki’s excellent article on the IDE very usefull to know your shortcut (keys)"
  • The Small Basic Environment (IDE) by Nonki Takahashi
    Michiel Van Hoorn: "Good explanation of the functions of the IDE. Together with Nonki’s article on shortcuts a good read to learn the features of the IDE."
    Ed Price: "Nice and thorough description of the IDE! Great article!"



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Thank you to Papa Lapub and to Nonki for your amazing contributions! With your TechNet Wiki articles, it's truly the community who wins!

   - Ninja Ed

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