New Year Challenges

Happy New Year and welcome to another set of monly challenges for Small Basic, Challenge of the Month - January 2015.

Small Challenge

  • Write a TextWindow program to read in some numbers from a user.  It continues to read them in until the user enters something that isn't a number.  When a set of numbers are input, calculate the average of the numbers and ask the user if they want to do it again.
  • Try to do it without using any GoTo statements; use Arrays, While, If and For statements.

Intermediate Challenge

  • Write a program to record key strokes and replay them later.  Prefereably replay with the same time intervals, like a Macro Record and Play.

Game Challenge

  • Write a maze game that is navigated by the turtle, using arrow keys.
  • Perhaps add a timer to see how quickly the player can navigate the maze.
  • The trickiest bit will be preventing the turtle cross maze boundaries - perhaps share suggestions for this bit.

Graphics Challenge

Figure 9.5.9: Lissajous Figures

Community Suggestions (by Nonki)

  • Draw a sine curve in TextWindow.
  • Draw ASCII art in TextWindow.
  • Create a simple text browser for TextWindow which shows only text from an internet page.
Comments (1)

  1. Looking forward to the maze games!

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