Featured Small Basic Article – Leap Year Checker

Today I’m featuring this Wiki article: Small Basic Sample: Leap Year Checker   Here is the overview from that article: For example, let’s say you want to create a program that checks whether a given year’s a leap year or not. It’s a leap year if the year’s evenly divisible by 4. But if it’s…


Upgraded Calendar in Small Basic

I rewrote my calendar program.  The first version was written in F-BASIC in 1986.  I sometimes rewrote this program in Small Basic. Today I’d like to introduce the latest version of my calendar program (MTW971-0). The older versions had character user interface.  But the newest one has graphical user interface.  Enter year and month then…


Beginning Microsoft Small Basic – Review by Janelle N & her son (age 10)

It’s time for a guest blogger! Today’s guest blogger is JannelleN and her 10 year old son. Let’s get to it… =========================== I love exposing my children to different activities and experiences. A wide range of exposure helps them explore and discover their God-given talents and passions. Like many kids his age, my oldest son LOVES…


Small Basic – November Guru Award Winners!!!

We had a few great articles in November! Let’s see what the judges thought!    Small Basic Technical Guru – November 2015     Ed Price – MSFT Small Basic: Using a Sentinel for Loop Control Michiel Van Hoorn: “Excellent post on using loops and an approach to use a Sentinel number. Great examples in coding principles” Peter…


Small Basic Featured Program – Program Database

This was a challenge to write a database program with Small Basic.  I started to write this program in June last year in a Challenge of the Month.  But suspended because of Combo Box coding.  Code of Combo Box has been completed last month.  Then I restarted to write my database program and reported about the…


Beginning Microsoft Small Basic – Review by Tere S & her son (age 12)

It’s time for a guest blogger! Today’s guest blogger is Tere S and her 12-year old son. Let’s get to it… =========================== I believe that in today’s computer-savvy world, if you are familiar with computer programming languages, you are sure to have an edge in the job market after graduation from college. The earlier you begin learning…


Illumination in Small Basic

I made a sample program of illumination in Small Basic.  The program ID is JRV115.  I recommend you to run this program locally.  Because, in browser, this program is little slow. I wish you happy holidays and have a great 2016!


Small Basic Featured Program – Fluid Particle Simulation

Sam Gerard made this fluid simulation with LitDev’s help! Here is Sam’s profile: _’-‘_ In Sam’s words…   I built a program to simulate water particles, its not very accurate or fast, but its the best I could do. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of what I could add/change in this…


12/8 UPDATES: Small Basic Program Galleries

We have two Small Basic Program Galleries: Small Basic Program Gallery Small Basic Program Gallery – Listed By Category    Today we added some new programs to those lists: 12/08/15 UPDATE: Oculus Rift Ball Bounce and Batting Practice (games), Database Sample and Wavelength to RGP Converter (Productivity), Clown: Parsed Pixels (Graphical), and Pendulum (Sciences).    Go…


Who will be crowned the last Small Basic Guru of 2015???!!

Here it is folks! THE FINAL CHALLENGE OF 2015!! Step up all known Gurus currently active! Let us see the year out in style, with some final thoughts and knowledge from everyone we love and follow in the TechNet and MSDN community. All you have to do is add an article to TechNet Wiki from…