Tolerance of Small Basic

I found that the tolerance is another unique feature of Small Basic.  I wrote little bit about this topic in a forum thread Did you find any trivia about Small Basic?

  • Not need closing quote for string at line end
  • Comma is not needed between parameters of operations
  • Sometimes no need to initialize variables (especially arrays)
  • Keywords, variable/subroutine/label names, color names, logical value and indices of arrays are case insensitive
  • Dividing by 0 becomes 0
  • / is allowed instead of \ in file path
  • String is treated as 0 in comparison expression
  • Logical values other than "True" are treated as "False"
How do you feel?  If you know other points about tolerance of Small Basic, please let me know.  Thanks.
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  1. The bad is that you want to build good habits (and getting used to doing something you can't do in other language could build bad habits), but the good is that this makes it a lot easier to learn programming! And if you're going to have to learn those practices sometime, why not learn them later when you already know a lot and so it's not as overwhelming?

    Interesting philosophy differences.

    Thanks, Nonki!

  2. In Small Basic 1.2, dividing by 0 changed to cause error,

  3. Undefined color name is treated as "Black".

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