Do you want to be a Small Basic Community Leader???

If not, then why did you click this???? Go away!!!!

If so, then keep reading!

If you have 100 Forum Answers and 1,000 Recognition Points, then you qualify to become an Answerer in the Small Basic Forum! Just post in this thread, and I'll make you an Answerer! (However, if you don't help us propose and mark answers, eventually after 6 months or so, that role might drop off, due to the lack of activity.) Answerers help by proposing answers and then marking them 7 days later.

If you've been an Answerer for at least two months and have been proactively helping us propose and mark answers, then we'd like to invite you to join the Small Basic Community Council! You'll get chat access to us for quick communication, and you'll get to help us Author on the Small Basic blog! (There's a little review process first to make sure everything is good and qualifies according to the blog usage policies.) Just post here if you're interested in joining us!

If you've been an Answerer for 6+ months and have been involved about every week, then you qualify to become a Forum Moderator! Just post here! Moderators help propose and mark answers, delete spam, and move off-topic posts (and other stuff).

And if you want to chat about one of these opportunities, but this is too public, then please ping me on Skype... live:edwardnprice


Thank you! Help us lead the Small Basic Community!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (4)

  1. mike-mcgrath says:

    I don't mind giving something back Ed.

    Especially giving help to get people started coding 🙂

  2. Mike,

    Great! A good way to start is to join us in the forum answering questions:…/home

    Also, it's helpful to start up discussions there.


  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    Ed when Raspberry Pi2 has Windows 10 we plan to teach our community to code using Small Basic. You'll be able to find us at

  4. Okay. I pinged you on your site. Thanks, Peter!

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