Neural Network Extension – Small Basic Featured Thread

Today I'd like to introduce a great thread in Small Basic forum, "Neural Network Extension".

This extension was written by EzyMCP.  You can download the extension and the sample code.

SmallBasicANN.dll and SmallBasicANN.xml are the extension files.  These files should be copied to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Small Basic\lib folder. is a sample file.  And xor.set file is a training set data for .

This sample creates a neural network for calculating XOR.  At first the ANN (artificial neural network) is created with 2 input layer, 3 hidden layer and 1 output layer as the picture above.  Then the ANN is trained with the training set data (xor.set).  This data is binary file.  So, I made a little program as below.  The training set data contains input data and expected output data.

input = "xor.set"
output = "xor.txt"
NeuralNetwork.ConvertFile(input, output, "True")

 At last, calculate with four input data set "0,0", "0,1", "1,0", "1,1".

Thank you EzyMCP for sharing fantastic extension!

Comments (5)

  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    ja mislim da je malo srkenuto sa strane

  2. That's cool! I love to see the great extensions that people dream up like this!

  3. I have read a book "Smart Machines"…/023116856X (translated into Japanese).  I think this extension is an entrance for the cognitive computing.

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